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Government taxis are colored light green or light yellow and have fixed prices. Private taxis must have the name of the company and their phone number on the taxi. Although meters exist, one would do best to watch them closely. If possible, negotiate a price beforehand, or at least get an approximation. Ordering a taxi by phone is the safest way to avoid unscrupulous drivers that overcharge, which is a common problem in the city. Passengers can also avoid the so-called 8-25 Kr "waiting fee" that cabs charge when you find them on the street. Marshrut-taxis are minbuses operating on fixed routes that seat up to 10 persons.

Taxi Companies
Kiisu Takso
Tel: 655-0717

Klubi Takso
Tel: 14-200

Krooni Takso
Tel: 638-1111

Tel: 1242

Logo Takso
Tel: 56-600-600

Tel: 646-0006

Raadio Takso
Tel: 601-1111

Silver Takso
Tel: 15-222

Tulika Takso
Tel: 612-0048, 1200

Viking Takso
Tel: 601-4333

Tel: 638-1381