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Development priorities for the Land Forces are the capability to participate in missions outside the national territory and the capability to perform operations to protect the territory of Estonia, also in co-operation with the Allies.The Land Forces component of the operational structure consists of an infantry brigade and a homeland security structure. Deployable infantry battalion tactical group and some deployable CS, CSS units will developed in the Land Forces structure in accordance with NATO Force Proposals requirements. Infantry brigade will act as a training and support frame for deployable units. Homeland security structure units will have the capability to carry out territorial military tasks and support civil structures

Name in the Local Language: Maavägi

Juhkentali 58
Tallinn 15007

Telephone: [372] 7171155

Active Reserve Personnel: 41775

Equipment: AK4, Galil-AR assault rifles, MP5 submachine gun , special operations force, 9x18mm Makarov PM, 9x19mm USP semi-automatic pistols, Galil-ARM, Negev light machine gun, M-69, CG M3 , Benelli-M3T, Sako TRG, HK-GLM, HK-79N,MG-3, KSP-58, motorised infantry, M252, B455, L16A1 , towed howitzers,, D-30H63, FH-70 , shoulder fired missiles, Recoilless rifle, anti-tank guided missiles,shoulder-fired missile , AT4 , B-300, C90-CR, Pvpj 1110, M40-A1 , high-mobility utility vehicles, MILAN-2, MAPATS, FGM-148 Javelin, ZU-23-2 twin-barreled anti-aircraft, main battle tanks , Soviet occupation, infantry fighting vehicle CV9035, troop carrier, Pasi 180, Pasi 188, BTR-80, amphibious, self-propelled howitzers, multiple launch rocket systems, 1st Infantry Brigade, mechanized brigade, utility helicopters, attack helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, rotorcrafts, military reconnaissance, Unimog, general-purpose trucks, light utility vehicles, Unimog 416, Unimog 435, DAF YA4440,MB 250GD, Sisu E13TP,

Uniform: Combat

Conscription: Yes

Minimum Service Age: 18

Women Can Serve: Yes

Women In Combat: Yes

War Participation: War in Afghanistan 2001–2021, Iraq War 2003 - 2011, Mali 2012

College: Baltic Defence College

College Address:
Riia 12
Tartu 51010

College Mission Statement: Educate military and security-related civilians personnel of the Framework Nations, allies and partners, while promoting international cooperation and networking and contributing to research in security and defence policy, in order to meet the enduring defence and security needs of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.