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Religious Expression Laws

Constitution of the Republic of Estonia (1992)

The Constitution guarantees freedom of thought, conscience, religion, and belief. It establishes the principle of a secular state and prohibits discrimination based on religion or belief.

Religious Freedom Act (1993)

This law guarantees the right to freedom of religion and regulates the legal status of religious organizations in Estonia. It provides guidelines for the establishment, registration, and activities of religious organizations, including their rights and obligations.

Religious Associations Act (1995)

This law governs the registration and operation of religious associations in Estonia. It outlines the requirements for registration, including minimum membership criteria, organizational structure, and financial reporting.

State Support Act (2002)

This legislation regulates the state's financial support to religious organizations. It provides guidelines for the allocation of public funds for the maintenance of religious buildings, salaries of religious officials, and the provision of social services by religious organizations.

Anti-Discrimination Act (2008)

This law prohibits discrimination on various grounds, including religion. It ensures that individuals are protected from discrimination based on their religious beliefs or affiliation in various areas of public life, such as employment, education, and provision of services.

Public Assembly Act (2009)

This law regulates public gatherings, including religious gatherings, in Estonia. It sets out the requirements and procedures for organizing public assemblies, ensuring public safety, and maintaining order during such events.

Criminal Code (2001)

The Criminal Code contains provisions related to hate speech, incitement to religious hatred, and acts of violence or discrimination based on religious affiliation. These provisions aim to protect individuals and religious communities from religiously motivated offenses.

Education Act (2010)

The Education Act ensures that individuals have the right to receive education in accordance with their religious beliefs or convictions. It recognizes the right of religious organizations to establish and operate educational institutions, subject to certain requirements and quality standards.

Cultural Endowment of Estonia Act (1994)

This law establishes the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, which provides financial support to various cultural activities, including those related to religion. Religious organizations may apply for funding to support cultural events, projects, or initiatives that contribute to the preservation and promotion of religious and cultural heritage.

Data Protection Act (2018)

The Data Protection Act governs the processing and protection of personal data, including religious information. It ensures that individuals' privacy rights are respected and sets out the obligations of organizations, including religious institutions, in handling personal data.

Law of Obligations Act (2002)

This legislation governs contractual relationships in Estonia. It applies to various aspects of religious expression, such as agreements between religious organizations and their members, contractual obligations related to religious services or ceremonies, and property transactions involving religious institutions.

National Heritage Conservation Act (1997)

This law aims to protect and preserve the cultural heritage of Estonia, including religious sites and buildings. It establishes procedures for the identification, conservation, and restoration of heritage sites, including religious landmarks and structures.